Vapor Heat Treatment

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teady support of safe exports and imports of tropical vegetable fruits.
FTH Vapor Heat Treatment Technology provides customers with safety and reliability.

 Vapor Heat Treatment System

To prevent the proliferation of disease andpests, strict plant quarantine is being carried out in every country. Forexample, there is an obligation to exceed international standards when importing vegetables and fruits such as papaya, mango, litchi, and paprika into any country that does not have oriental fruit flies (Bactrocera dorsalis species complex) or melon fly (Bactrocera cucurbitae).

This container-based Vapor Heat Treatment System uses no chemicals to cleanly disinfect fruit of the eggs and larvae of harmful insects using high temperature and high humidity saturated vapor.

Users can then import and export a great variety of fruits more safely.

Human-and environment-friendly system

The treatment system is friendly to the human body and the environment because it disinfects only with heat treatment without using chemicals. There is no worry about residual pesticides on the fruits.

Enhanced efficiency due to excellent temperature and humidity distribution performance

Adoption of the differential pressure system resulted in dissolving the unevenness in temperature and humidity distribution inside the container. Furthermore, the development of a high-performance circulating fan enabled us to shorten the fruit temperature heating time in the upper and lower layers of the container resulting in increased throughout. (six tiers/pallet → seven tiers/pallet)

Steady disinfection while maintaining the quality of fruits and vegetables

Control of the intake and exhaust dampers achieved a wide range of humidity control between 50% and 98% relative humidity, and the high-accuracy temperature and humidity control in the low to high humidity zones demonstrates the high disinfection capability. In addition, it decreases the damage to fruits and vegetables due to heat treatment and protects the quality, taste, and appearance. ※Patent acquisition

Reduction in the initial costs

The compact container-based system means that only a small space is required and that the unit is easy to install. You can select the most appropriate from a wide variety of types with different throughputs to match the size of your business and curtail initial costs.

Easy operation for everyone

It is a fully automatic operation from startup to cooling after vapor heat treatment, once the pallets loaded with the treatment baskets are put in the container. The unit has an easy-to-handle one-touch panel system where it is easy to check processing status.

Easy setting of product temperature sensors

You can easily set the sensors before bringing the treatment basket of vegetable fruits into the container, and no further work is needed inside the treatment compartment.


※In addition to the specifications described above, we are ready to other types that exactly meet your requirements including throughput.

For laboratory use (small type)

You can use it for experiment of fruits disease・damage/insecticide/sterilization. There is the high temperature type, too.

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